Interdimensional Llama


Interdimensional Llama is a perspective-switching puzzle adventure game where you play as Lou - an adorable Llama.

  • I’m one of three programmers in a team of six. We’ve also got two designers and a composer.
  • Started as part of a university course in 2016.
  • KiwiGameStarter Finalist 2016.

My Technical Contributions

  • Seamless level-transitioning.
  • Custom navigation for movement in 2D and 3D.
  • Camera transitioning.

Note that a lot of the work I’ve done has been in collaboration with other programmers. We’ve done a lot of pair programming and problem solving together.

Other Contributions

  • Designed first-level, the night skybox, and some of the smaller models like the lamp in the night level.
  • For the KiwiGameStarter competition, I was heavily involved in writing a business proposal for our entry. I also pitched our game to the judging panel.
  • Designed posters for for showing at Armageddon with the NZGDA (see gallery below).

Atmospheric Llama

Atmospheric Llama was a 4th year computer graphics project I did at university with one of the team members of Interdimensional Llama. Its aim was to make a tech demo to experiment and try improve on the graphics within Interdimensional Llama. The video above shows my technical contributions but here is the full demo if you’re interested in seeing more.


  • My main contribution was the real-time volumetric fog based on a paper by Frostbite.
  • The entire demo was made in a custom engine written in Swift.
  • I also wrote tools to help with level editing, camera movement, and debug drawing.

Physically Based Realtime Renderer

Source on Github

A physically based realtime renderer based on the Moving Frostbite to PBR paper.

  • Two-person final project for a 3rd year computer graphics paper at Victoria University.
  • Written in Swift with OpenGL and OpenCL backends. macOS and Linux compatibility.

My Contributions